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I went to yoga for the first time in nearly two years on Friday. Things I learned, or was reminded of.

-Yoga is hard. (And this is Iyengar/Vinyasa which is supposed to be not as extreme as Bikram which is what I used to do)
-Things I could easily do two years ago I can't so much do any more. This is a combination of two years, duh, and an extra 20 or so pounds.
-My musculature really is uneven. There were bend things I could totally do to the left that I had trouble doing to the right or vice versa. I knew this, it's why I'm in PT, but class just made it more obvious.
-Yoga makes me a little nauseous. I used to be a problem in Bikram which is done in a heated room, but pretty much if I overheat and am still stretching, my stomach is unhappy.
-I have refound muscles that I had forgotten about because they hurt today.

So I am going to keep yoga-ing, I really like the teacher, and it is a good cross-training for my running. But wow. Here I was feeling kind of good about myself being better in shape, and uh, not so much.
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