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So now I've been to Portland. The quick check list of things both seen and done:

- climbed to the top observation platform at Multinomah Falls (the little sign says 1 mi which doesn't seem like very far until you realize it's all at 15% grade! ouch)

- Powell's. Was there for 2 hours bought a dozen books, including my favorite find a hardback of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

- walking all over downtown to look at parks and fountains

- the rose garden and reading the name of all the past rose queens; there has never been a Rebecca

- hanging out at Biddy McGraws (the bar my friend owns) after hours and watching Rob dance wearing nothing but his girlfriend Erin's panties.

- waking up many hours before Ian on Sunday and watching Young Frankenstein and Ghostbusters II before he made it downstairs.

- a drunk man in a cowboy hat asking me to two-step - ummm no.

- being pulled aside at PDX to be gone over with the wand, despite the fact that when I walked through the metal check nothing beeped.

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Sounds like a great and wonderful time was had by all...

Fine. Come all the way to Portland and don't visit me. I mean, heck we're pratically related (via wiggyfish and wibbers). The fact that we've never communicated before is absolutely no excuse :)

Glad you enjoyed your visit to the best city on the left coast!

I checked with wibbers to make sure you weren't an axe murderer or anything and he just laughed - come to think of it that may not mean this is safe. hmmmm

So was there anything I absolutely missed in Portland? The thing that you are throwing up your hands about and saying how dare Ian not take her there! Is there, huh?

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