Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

because this is unutterably cool

A group of writers are auctioning off the chance for you to put your name in their upcoming novel for the First Amendment Project, which supplies legal aid to those fighting first amendment cases in the US.

Particularly look at what you get were you to win being in Mr. Stephen King's book. Or Lemony Snickett's. Or Neil Gaiman's. Or the other 13 authors who are playing.

I love that it's authors using what they already do to help everyone continue to write whatever they want. I wish I had the money to bid on this, but I'm sure the winning bids will be over what I can afford. But pass this link on, to other people who think it's cool, and to anyone who might have the discretionary income to reasonably bid. I mean, come on, to die in a Stephen King novel? Who doesn't want that?
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