Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,


Well, I'm still on track, mostly. This past week m = run 5mi, w = run 3.5, f = yoga and sa = run 3.5.
In general this week's runs were okay. Nothing spectacular, and I never really got that feeling that I could keep going or I was totally in a rhythm. Most of the week was just slogging through.

I've checked out next week's schedule with meeting and rehearsals, and other than getting up way early on Sat am to make this work, it's not too bad. I'm having to move things around a bit (my midweek run will be thurs instead of wed) but should be fine. I'm nearly up to the point when I told myself I would commit to this, spend the money and be in. But now I'm a little shy of it. Knowing that working around rehearsals is going to be difficult I want to wait a few more weeks. Of course, that just means I can wimp out more easily.
Tags: running, training

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