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(no subject)

Training last week went okay. M-ran 5.5 miles, Th-ran 4 miles, Fr-yoga, Sa-ran 3.5 miles
Saturday was supposed to be another 4 miler but I got started a little late and did need to make it to rehearsal. Getting up at 7am to run is certainly not my favorite thing, but I'm inordinately proud of having done it. This week should still be okay to balance rehearsal and training but I'm worried about next week. Guess I'll get to that when I do.

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Check you out!! I'm impressed. Just do what you can, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

thanks for the support! And I'll be careful not to push.

Yeah, I just tend to be very all or nothing about exercise, so I try to encourage others not to be that way. Because it's bad.

Good for you. I'm curious. Is this a general, get in shape/health type thing or a specific goal/marathon prep type thing?

I'm training for a half marathon on Oct 30. I haven't actually registered for it yet, though, so I still have a little bit of wimp out room.

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