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I know this is a lot of updates in one day - but putting the cut-tags into different entries means it's easier to ignore them if you choose. Sorry for filling up people's friends pages. Other random bits from the last week.
VM4- I have discovered the posting board at TWoP, Veronica Mars called the meet market. I have been haning out there during rehearsals to chat, or just lurk and take my mind off things. It has been a lovely place to be away from rehearsal. And why my friends list here has nearly tripled.
Labor Day-yesterday was Labor day. I get annoyed by Monday holidays now that Monday is my only day off. Too many things are closed, too many people are around, and all enjoying their third day free when I have only one. I know it's silly, but it makes me grumpy every time.
Toe-last week I managed to cut the side of my middle toe on my left foot on the toe nail of the small toe next to it while running. That does take talent.
Insanity- Friday morning I pulled my wallet out of my purse and opened it to remove some receipts and a spider crawled out. Which was creepy. I thought I saw it crawl into my datebook so I immediately picked that up and shook it out on my porch, but no spider came out. I checked the other papers that were right there, no spider. It felt like I was in a bad horror movie for a few minutes. I never did find the spider. Makes me wonder if it even exists. But what do imaginary spiders mean?
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