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I was out running on Monday, near an area that has lots of tall utility towers. They're just always there, not something I ever think about particularly as needing repair or other attention. When I was still a distance away I noticed something hanging off one of the towers that was an odd shape, and thought maybe it was a kite. As I got closer I realized it was too big to be a kite, and was two somethings not just one. Then I figured out that it was actually two men, each clipped into the tower, and stretched out laying on these cot like things that were connected by one end to the tower, and by the other to the actual wire. They were cleaning connections I think. I had noticed there was a helicopter flying over the area but didn't pay it much attention until I passed the tower with the two men. Then I looked up and realized there was a person riding on the outrigger of the copter. And I watched the copter fly right up to a tower, very carefully, and the man riding it stepped off onto the top of the tower. I had never really thought about how they fix things up there, but they're not built with ladders so that not just anyone can climb up which is logical. But having to be flown into place by helicopter, and having to step off it onto a small beam 100 feet up - that's freaky. When I turned to run back I could see the helicopter continuing to circle dropping off supplies, another man and just generally staying in touch with the guys. It was just a strange thing to watch, and to realize that to these guys, it was just another day at work.
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