Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

1/2 marathon update

What was supposed to happen last week: M=speed work, W=run 4.5, F=yoga, Sa=run 4.5
What did happen last week: M=speed work, W=walk/run/shuffle 3.5, F=yoga

Gah. Welcome to the beginning of the weeks I have to just muscle through. On the weekend I was actually being social with people, which was fun, but to have gotten up and run on either Sa or Su would have meant getting less than six hours of sleep. And I kind of feel like that's the point of diminishing returns - if I'm going below six hours of sleep to run it's not really worth it.

The next two weeks I'm not so worried about the stuff during the week. The pre-rehearsal meetings have stopped, and we do rehearse later into the night but I still think it'll be okay. The weekend run, however, for the next two weeks may just not happen. Or may be seriously curtailed. I don't know yet - and still haven't paid the entry fee. Though at this point I'm not sure I should until I get the show opened - and know I can complete the training.

Yesterday I ran seven miles. The longest I've ever run. The last 1/2 mile sucked (my hamstrings were totally tightening up, of all things) but I did it. I'm now in the territory where every new long run is the furthest I've ever gone. Should be interesting.
Tags: babytaj, running, training

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