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ahh breathing
so Halloween is over. I didn't want to deal with overly elaborate costuming this year, and I figured since I own nearly full ren garb that it would be a quick and simple way to go. Then over two days I spent approximately 12 hours laced into a bodice. And not all that tightly either, just enough to be able to tie things off. Ooofda, next year my costume will be loose and flowy and preferably involve sweats.

Otherwise it was a very quiet day. Klutz was much less Halloween-y than usual which was a bummer - almost no one trick or treating from desk to desk. And a grand total of 6 kids came to my door to trick or treat so I'll be sending candy with my bills to get rid of it now.

Random Halloween question: growing up we had specific trick or treating times - in each town there were designated hours, usually 4 -7pm for claiming your goodies. Different towns and slightly different times, and there were even years they'd try to convince everyone to TorT on a Sunday the 30th, though that never took. There'd always be a few older kids who stragled later, but the whole town went out at the same time. Does this exist anywhere else?

and hello to revelstone, the first person I didn't already know to ever respond to this LJ. (She smiles, only a little freaked that people she doesn't know are actually reading this thing.)

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In Danny's defense -- He wasn't reading it. I sold you out.

define "sold you out" please. Hmmm, I'd be upset at you were it not for the fact that I won 9.50 playing poker in your place Friday.

in this specific instance, "sold you out" means that I forwarded your zodiac post to him because i thought it was interesting and because it was he who'd taken me to the chinese garden.

i didn't realize i had a standing seat! Sweet! and good for you!!

james christ, I just used a double bang. ohwell. I meant it.

actually i meant Wil's seat cause i get you w people confused every once in a while and he did evil laughing when I told him Dan had said hello. But when you return I'm certain they'll fit you in.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying my new ratness ; )

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