Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

five weeks left

This week what I did do: m=run 7mi, w=walk 2 mi, fr=yoga
What I was supposed to do: m=run 7mi, w=run 4.5, fr=yoga, sa=run 4.5

Have you noticed how much further what I did do is slipping away from what I'm supposed to do? Yeah me too. Since I am an organized person I actually did the math. It was five weeks ago that I last did my training as planned. I've also been slipping further every week - here's the math.
Week of 8/28 - short 1/2 mile
9/5 = short by 2 miles, missed yoga
9/12 = short by 5 miles
9/19 = short by 7 miles

I swapped my Monday runs around to work on ramping my miles back up. I've got five weeks to get back on track and I think I will pull it off. I still haven't offically entered the race, but I realized that it's so ingrained in my thinking now - that I'm going to be running a half marathon - that the entry is a kind of a foregone conclusion.
Tags: running, training

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