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yes ladies and gentlemen that is what this post is all about, avoiding productive work. woo-hoo! So you will fully understand this avoidance let me explain to you my current work.

So I have the script for On Golden Pond, my next show. The author of this play, a few years after it was published, decided it should be shorter and so cut a variety of passages. Fair enough. But since it was copywrited the long way that's how it goes into print. So there is a version in which, with the author's approval, the full text appears, but all of the cuts "recommended" by the author have a grey scale background. With me so far?

This is the edition of the script we are using. And because theatre people are always obstinate we are using some, but not all of the cuts the author recommends. So I was looking at a photocopied script which was exceedingly difficult to read in all of the grey parts, and which sometimes I needed to read, and sometimes I didn't. Added to this the fact that anyone who has ever worked in theatre will understand, what really are the chances of no one changing their minds about which cuts we are and aren't doing?

So, I am creating a script that is all on white and readable and then i will mark the appropriate cuts in (in pencil) all by myself. This was made easier by the fact that the great majority of these pages were scanned in for an actress who had the same seeing on grey issues I did, but they weren't worrying about parts that were cut they just left them out. (And that means if we add cuts back they'll be lines that aren't even in her script, but that's a whole other issue.)

The upshot of all this? I'm touch-typing approx 15 pages worth of script this afternoon. Or would be if I weren't explaing all of this to all of you. So ummmm . . .

Shit. Need to come up with a new procrastination tool.
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