Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

four weeks to go

What I was supposed to do this week: M-run 10k race, w-run 5mi, Fr-yoga, Sa-run 5 mi
What I did this week: M-run 5mi, Fr-run 5 mi, Su-run 2 mi

So. I swapped this Monday and next putting the longer run after I got the show opened. Last time when I was supposed to do the 5k race I did speed work, this time I figured I should just work on getting my mileage back up. And I missed yoga because the studio was closed this week to install a new floor. Total I was 4 miles and a yoga class short - but this week feels like a good stepping stone back into my full training. And given that tomorrow is 8 miles I felt okay taking today a little easy. I still haven't registered, but soon.

Mom wants to come out the weekend of the race, but I'm not sure I want her too. I'd love to have her here for the race itself, but otherwise it's Halloween weekend and I wasn't planning to entertain my mother through it. So I'm torn about that - I'm going to try to talk to her tomorrow and figure it out.
Tags: race, running, training

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