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Okay - many of you know of my twisted bunnies (see icon) and the very nice lady who makes them.  The last time I heard from her it was after I had to discontinue my subscription and she inducted me into the bunny aid programme: see my May 4 entry from this year for details. (Apparently LJ won't let me reference to a different entry)  Anyway, I got home last night and there was a box on my doorstep.  And I thought 'that looks like it could be from my bunny lady, but I doubt it'.  And then I picked it up and it totally was!!  This really is perfect timing, the show has been making me grumpy, among other things, and I now have a new bundle of joy to make me happy.  I am totally going to figure out my camera phone today and take a photo and get it here asap.  Happiness is a free unfortunate animal.  <Sigh>

BTW to see more about the animal of the month club she does go to  And play on the site after you're there, her stuff is fabulous.

Yay!!  Sometimes a surprise is really all that's needed to improve my mood.

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