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two more weeks!

What I was supposed to do last week: M=run 8mi, W=run5mi, F=yoga, Sa=run 5mi
And that is what I did. Here I am back on track just as I'm sliding into the home stretch. Monday's eight mile run was a little tough, but I was anemic which is probably at least part of the reason. But the five mile runs at this point hardly feel like work. Which is nice - it does mean that I've made visible progress whatever happens with the race. Yoga hurt, but that's what I get for not going in for two weeks.

I'm starting to get a little nervous about the race - I don't doubt I can finish but how long it will take me is totally up for grabs. Really, the primary goal is to finish. Realistically I think it will take me around 3:20 to do this (just over 15 minutes a mile). Ideally, I'd love to finish in less than three hours. But I'm trying really hard not to think about time.

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I think you're being a little overly hard on yourself. Listen "the five mile runs at this point hardly feel like work" - FIVE MILE RUNS!!! You are amazing. Of course you will do well. AND, you still have two weeks to prepare.

Rebecca, I don't think I even want to WALK five miles. You'll do just fine...little bit of adrenaline and I'm sure you'll even finish!

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