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unfortunate animal for Halloween

I promised a photo of the latest unfortunate animal and here it is - if I actually did all of this correctly.  The photo was taken with my phone so the quality is a little eh, sorry about that.

WARNING - this photo has freaked a few people out. Please understand that when I first ordered animals from the site I asked for a mix of cute and morbid and said that real animal parts were ok. Got it? You still want to see? Go for it. END WARNING

Chickenshanks Bear.  Yes I know he needs a real name.  And are you noticing the silver polish on the toe nails?  And his cute little sweater?

Damn, I forgot to bring the note that came with him to post as well.  I'll get to it soon, promise.


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Dude that bear freaks me out. I'm not kidding, it could give me nightmares. This is kashtanga's thought process while scrolling down-
Aw this is a cute little...AHHHHHH A MONSTER!!! THE FEET!!!

Is the fact that I'm laughing at that mean? Probably, sorry.
I may not have fully warned y'all about the weirdness of the animals so sorry to surprise. Think of fluffy unicorns instead to avoid pesky nightmares.

mmmmm....tasty fluffy unicorns....mmmmm

Oh sure, now you put up a warning. And I. Love. Unicorns. What? Girls are crazy about unicorns!


I'm sorry. I was not going for terrifying. I think he's cute. Yes I am that twisted.

That terrified me too. Especially since the pic was on the top part of my screen before I scrolled down and I was thinking "aw, cute bear." Then I scrolled down, and got totally freaked out. Heh.

So one part of my freakishness has now been revealed. I think the animals from morbid tendencies are fabulously strange, but I know not everyone agrees with me.

That thing is freaky. THose feet.


I don't know what sound to make. I want to laugh, I want to cry, to comfort that more freakish offspring of Dr.Moreau and Mattell.

You've easily come up with the most creative description of my bear. Maybe I should name him Morrell.

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