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less than a week!

What I was supposed to do this week: M=run 9mi, W=run 5mi, F=yoga, Sa=run 5mi
I did all of the running as scheduled though I wasn't feeling great at the beginning of the week which showed in my first two runs. They were kind of icky. And I didn't go to yoga. I was still getting over the lowgrade ick and, well, lazy so that was that.

Next week's schedule is: M=run 10mi, W=run 4mi, F=2mile walk and then Sunday is the race. Hopefully I'll be able to update on how all of that has gone later this week. My mom is coming to town on Friday so I'll probably be less attached to the internet than usual for the weekend.

I think I'm ready. I'm (nearly) certain I can finish, but the competitive part in me keeps coming out and I want to run well in addition to just finishing. I'm starting to get mildly nervous whenever I think about the race. We'll see how I'm doing by Saturday.

*takes deep breath*
seven days.
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