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How fast can Rebecca run 13/1 miles?
2:51:05. Which was fabulous time for me. I've got my share of race injuries*, but mostly it was fun. Well, except mile 11 which was pretty much hell. I will try to do a more detailed post in a day or two, but this I had to get out there right away. Yay for me! Now I have to figure out what's next.

*I strained my right hip flexor (though it didn't start to hurt until mile 10 so go me), I have a 2" fricturn burn under my left arm, and I managed to cut my middle left toe on the nail of the smaller toe to it's left. I noticed it hurting from about miles 1-3 then not at all - gotta love the numbing powers of going forward.

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Dude, CONGRATS. That is SOOOOO fucking awesome. And I bet, even though you're injured, you still feel all cool and like here are my scars, because I ran like a motherfucker.

I think the finisher medals should say 'I ran like a motherfucker'. That would be fabulous. Thanks so much for the congrats, they mean a lot.

(Deleted comment)
Does that mean I can stand at the front of a boat and yell? Thanks so much for the happy thoughts.

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Now I just need to find a boat. Hrmmm...
*thinks evil-ish thoughts*


we can talk more tomorrow :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much! I do think I rock, just a little. Probably in a day or so that will fade however.

(Deleted comment)
I think I will rock for as long as I am sore, since that is at least a reasonable trade off. Stupid legs. And thanks again.

You know the first thought that popped into my head when I woke up this morning? "I wonder how Rebecca did?" Yay! Go you! I knew you could do it from the moment you said "running 5 miles is nothing"... :)

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