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my very good day
Yesterday was a very good day.

I ran the student matinee as a dresser and only missed one snap - which was luckily non-essential for keeping clothes on her. Good for me.

My friends bought a house, and they will soon be living around the corner from me.

I have a new nephew!!! (I am very excited about this.) His name is Trevor Lawrence, he is 18" long and weighs 7 lbs. and he and mom are both doing fine.

AND, there was kissing. Yup, a very good day.
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Congratulations auntie!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the happiness sharing lodus.

Congratulations on your new nephew sweetie, that's awesome!

Thanks - I'm very excited about him. I'll get to meet him in February.

Congrats on the nephew and the kissing! hee! :)

I am kind of astonished that it took until the fourth person for someone to comment on the kissing part. Hee. It was especially nice.

Who were you kissing?? The kissing comment was about you right? :)

Yes it was me who was kissing. Have you met the sound reinforcement op for the current show?

OK, what?!? When and how did THIS happen??

Yeah, I think you're missing out a lot of good juicy info, and I speak for a lot of people when I say "wha-huh?"

And no, I haven't met him... but I will be going to see Woods in the next week or two so I will be SURE to check him out...:)

Congratulations on your new aunt status!

And kissing! Oooh!

(Yes, I'm twelve)

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