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I'm back!

First, everyone must check out my new default icon. Isn't it the rockingest thing ever? I have no idea why the obviousness of this never occured to me before but all hail weesta for the brilliance.

Today at work was insane. Of the five people who work in our department, four of us no longer have desks. We all have our computers and phones set up at random tables pulled from other places in the building in order to function almost like an office for one more day. While everything that would ordinarily be on the desks that no longer exist is in boxes. Will anything get done tomorrow? Of course not. It is still my vote that we build forts with the furniture left.

Oh and I finished watching Dark Angel season 1 tonight. Wow. Why did I not watch that show while it was on the air? Now I need to rewatch season 2 actually knowing what comes before. Also Pollo Loco? So much hawt!

Also, I've never really said this out loud before but my journal tends to be a lot of flocked posts - because when I'm groaning about theatre stuff I don't want anyone googling some actor or director name and finding me. Other stuff is public but if you've been reading and want into everything, comment here.

ETA: and in my time away from the internets I totally missed the birthdays of both ironsgold and sinca. I hope your respective days were fabulous ladies, because you both deserve it.
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