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A realization
So. I was getting dressed up on Saturday night to go out and made a sad realization. Many of my dress up clothes do not currently fit. (They all still fit last fall.) Now I knew I had gained some weight over the winter, but jeans are forgiving and don’t reveal to you exactly what’s what. But when you go to put on a leather skirt or wool pants, those aren’t so stretchy. And therefore the realization – I am heavier than I want to be.

I am taking this as the final kick in my ass to step it up and get in better shape already. My Groundhog day resolutions went okay – I’m going to do a follow-up and then recommit on March 1st (Lenten resolutions – woot!) adding a few new things to the mix. I’ve always been bad at this in the past, I don’t really diet I just make a general attempt to eat better and then I slowly fall back into old habits. This time it will be different. So say I.
Oh – and I watched the miniseries (pilot) of BSG last night. So good! (And watching it with one of my crush boys doesn’t hurt either.) We’re watching more tonight. Yay for new tv addictions.

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Oh yay, I'm glad you're getting into BSG!!

I know what you mean about the clothes... but I am the worst person ever at keeping resolutions and such. I'm sure you'll be much better about it than I ever would!!

BSG is awesome! Joel just kept laughing at me, when I'd be sitting there with my mouth hanging open in shock about things.

My secret? I have a checklist for the month on the mirror in my bedroom. It is a little sad that as an adult this still motivates me, but the satisfaction of checking things off really does make me more likely to do them.

Laughing at BSG newbies is just the thing to do. I do it all the time. (Last time around, my little friends were all shouting "IS SHE A ROBOT???" which made me giggle much more than it should.)

Hmm... A checklist, you say? I should try that. It just might work. It might be sad, but I'd rather be sad than fat...

but I'd rather be sad than fat...
Exactly my theory. So, a checklist.

And yeah, I keep exclaiming about things or saying "no way they're not going to..." and Joel just laughs and refuses to say anything since he's totally up to date and doesn't want to spoil me.

You CAN do it! Rah, rah, go Beeker!

Okay, that was obnoxious, sorry. But I'm all about the support. I've always struggled with my weight, so I know how you feel. I have charts and checklists to motivate me too! Hey, whatever works!

I'll take all the support I can get. I didn't struggle with my weight particularly until my late 20's, when my metabolism slowed way down. (Heh, I look back at my college-age body now and would kill for that, even though at the time I wasn't happy with it.) Which is part of the difficulty now, I still feel like I should just bounce back.

And I'm glad to know someone else who uses charts and lists. The paperwork folks must stick together!

I am pretty bad when it comes to staying motivated. About a year ago, I decided that for every day I exercised or ate healthy, I would put a smiley face on my calendar for that day. It sounds cheesy, but it works. I love looking at my month at a glance and seeing the growing number of smileys. It just makes me feel good that I am trying, and that more often than not, I do pretty good. I know, I'm a nerd.

I'm the same kind of nerd, with my checklists. Glad to hear that you've found something that works for you.

Yay for BSG beginnings! I really enjoyed that and I think you will too.

Maybe I should try that checklist thing too. My metab has really slowed down since I hit the thirties.

I'm excited about BSG. I probably would have been watching it earlier if it weren't for my stupid cable not having Sci-Fi.

Yeah my 30's have not been kind to me either. I'm still wrapping my head around that reality though.

Good luck -- and take it from someone who didn't catch the early signs and gained too much -- this is a good thing.

For what it's worth, I didn't think you were heavy at all. But if you want to fit into your dress clothes again, then you do that! Because dressing up is fun.

Oh, thank you. I don't hate myself at this weight, it's just lose 5 pounds or buy all new dress clothes. And option one is the more possible right now. I'm glad you came to the oscar party, it was fun meeting you. Hopefully we will get to hang out again.

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