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A realization

So. I was getting dressed up on Saturday night to go out and made a sad realization. Many of my dress up clothes do not currently fit. (They all still fit last fall.) Now I knew I had gained some weight over the winter, but jeans are forgiving and don’t reveal to you exactly what’s what. But when you go to put on a leather skirt or wool pants, those aren’t so stretchy. And therefore the realization – I am heavier than I want to be.

I am taking this as the final kick in my ass to step it up and get in better shape already. My Groundhog day resolutions went okay – I’m going to do a follow-up and then recommit on March 1st (Lenten resolutions – woot!) adding a few new things to the mix. I’ve always been bad at this in the past, I don’t really diet I just make a general attempt to eat better and then I slowly fall back into old habits. This time it will be different. So say I.
Oh – and I watched the miniseries (pilot) of BSG last night. So good! (And watching it with one of my crush boys doesn’t hurt either.) We’re watching more tonight. Yay for new tv addictions.
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