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I have updated and added to my resolutions for Lent, and have other things I want to share but right now it is late and I have only one thing to say.

BSG rocks!!11! I have now seen all of season one and will be starting season two on Monday. Yay for friends with DVD's and viewing parties with cute boys! Yay for kickass tv!! Just - yay!
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Nice. I had gotten into it only in January, but got caught up fairly quickly. The second season is almost over and I eagerly await the end. Parts of the second season were kind of clunky, but there has been some really good stuff indeed.

Yeah, I'm minorly spoiled for some second season things just from being around TWoP - and I remember a point a month ago or so when people were a little frustrated with BSG. But I'm really enjoying it while catching up, and I think watching it in big gulps makes the not so great episodes less noticable because you don't have to live with them for a week.

By the time I had decided to really check it out, I was already spoiled up to the first half of the second season simply because I had watched snippets of episodes here and there two full episodes of season 2.5. That kind of ruined a few surprises, but I still enjoyed the show for the most part.

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