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So I am renewing and expanding my checklist from the start of February as I continue to try to get healthier. The added things:

On days I don't run - I will walk for at least 20 minutes. That's right, movement every single day.
I will eat a fruit AND a vegetable every day. (Though the either/or thing didn't go fantastically during February I only pulled that off about 2/3 of the time.)
And checking my weight. That's right, I bought a scale. While I've always preferred to just see how my clothes fit and work from there, perhaps regularly having a number will help prevent the recent creep.

Finally, because it is Lent there is also something to be given up. I will have no french fries until Easter. I'm not giving up fast food - I do have to tech a show - but without french fries hopefully I'll eat out less.

I forget until I do my taxes every year how weird my job really can be. While I've worked the same number of weeks per the last two seasons, where those weeks fall in the calendar year makes it look as though my gross income dropped $7000 in 2005. The benefit of this? This year I'm getting a refund, unlike last year when I owed them money. Of course, now I have to decide what to do with the refund. Buy lots of DVD's I've been coveting? Sign up for a few memberships I haven't felt like I had the cash for? Pay off my credit card? I think I'm going to be silly with half of it. Now I just have to decide what is at the top of the list.
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