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(no subject)

Happy Birthday Miss r_a_l_i_g_h!  Hey I haven't gone to bed yet so it's still Wednesday to me.

And last week I completely missed sending happy thoughts to both ladywithawrench and halfmoonct because my online-ness is still forever behind.  So sorry ladies, I hope your days were fabulous.

The show is going well enough, I suppose.  It's a good show to see once but doesn't have tons of repeat appeal and it's long.  Luckily we're not extending at all so there are only 11 performances left.

I saw my new chiro/physical therapist today.  I am in fact not balanced - apparently my pelvis is torqued in a way that causes one leg to appear longer than the other.  So we'll see how this goes, but hopefully my hip will stop hurting when I run.

Oh, and I started visiting Tattoo shops today to research artists.  I'm actually going to do this. 

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Don't have an exact design, but the idea is a tribal abstract ankle cuff, that will dip down onto the top of my foot. Primarily black and grey - maybe with a bit of color winding through. Not having an exact design is part of the reason I'm visiting shops and artists, I'm going to need some help with it.

I've been getting worked over by a chiro for 6 weeks to get my hips straight again and it's helped so much with my running. My left hip, IT band, knee, & foot are all functioning again.

good luck, I hope it helps you as much.

Thanks - it's good to hear that someone else has had this problem (people keep looking at me like I'm insane) and that treatment helped you. Yay for you being out running again.

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