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Supernatural spec
Okay I never do this, but an idea occured to me before bed last night and I wanted to have it written out somewhere so if by some teeny chance I'm right I can prove it. Yup, I'm all about the modesty today. Here goes....

What if the ceiling demon is killing mommies to recruit the kids? Like it identifies some special ability in the kids, and puts their families through the hell, so that in later years it can pick the kids up and 'adopt' them giving them crazy powers and blood phones. And every 20-ish years it refreshes the family. (Which would mean that both Meg and soap opera boy were human at some point, and have dead moms.) But it didn't work with the Winchesters - because of John turning to hunting it could never get to Sam, who is for some reason uber-important which is why Jess got killed too.

I'm not sure that's all very coherent but there it is. Also, I am spoiler free and want to stay that way. Spoil me in the comments and I cut you down. That is all.
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That's a good theory! I haven't been watching Supernatural all season but I've watched it for the last few weeks and it's getting kind of exciting.

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Earlier in the season Meg cut some random trucker guys throat, caught the blood in a cup and then talked to (I think) the ceiling demon through the cup. Hence the blood phone. I think John's hunting just kept him aware, so if the Demon did make a play for Sam it would have been blocked.

Oh I like your first point. We don't really know what has happened to the other families, maybe the house burns down and 'kills' everyone so Demon gets the kids right away. I was assuming that only the moms all died, but that doesn't have to be true.

I am spoiler free for pretty much all tv. I just don't have time to deal with it.

there is a demon, and the brothers kill it. Wheee. the brothers fight about who has the better hairstyle. Wheee.

Heeheehee. "Wheee!" is SO my reaction to this show. (I can't tell you how many times I have literally SAID "Wheee!" relating to this show! - Including last night after/during viewing the opening fanvid.)

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Do you ever get the feeling that this show is just a big fannish orgy?

I mean, the pilot - heck, the first 15 minutes of the pilot alone - gave fanfic writers more than TWO DECADES of backstory to work with.

Then there are the canon shoutouts to the Wincest-y vibe (I don't go there myself, but clearly there IS a vibe because so many people do) and about a dozen elements of fanon have since been canonized on the show.

And THEN they do a show-produced music fanvid!

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Any examples of the fanon elements that turned canon?
There have been lots of little things - but stuff like Something Wicked revealing that Dean was always Sammy's primary caregiver - what fanfic writers have been saying from Day One.

I can only think of one Wincest shout-out line in Something Wicked about "two queens." HEE. Are there more?
In Bugs, they get mistaken for a househunting couple - twice.

I can't explain the creator's motivation. But I love it.
The only explanation I can think of is that they're really fans as well.

It's kinda like some of the elements of Veronica Mars - only, being a supernatural/fantasy show, they have some more leeway to not take themselves seriously.

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Yeah, I virtually NEVER see a hoyay vibe. I finally realized what other people were inturpreting as hoyay though, and to me, it's just great chemistry.

And I think two people can have really great chemistry and a close, intimate relationship without there be ANY sexual attraction there at all.

And this isn't just a slash thing. I feel the same way about more than a few male-female pairings that people 'ship. Sometimes I don't see any UST, sometimes I do, but based on the character's personality and views, I would never, ever believe in anything coming from it in the "real life" of the show.

(Example: Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson - no matter what kind of attraction was ever between them, I don't think Elliot would EVER make or reciprocate any sort of a move. Deny and Repress. Of course, he's divorced now so all bets may be off, as far as the plot goes, but I still don't believe it would happen.)

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Esactly, exactly, exactly.


This is so the EXACT SAME THEORY I was going to post at - well, at pretty much the exact same time you made this post (whoa! That's weird!)

But then lj crashed and my internet disconnected and I had laundry to do and places to go tonight and I never got back around to retyping it.

And, yeah, I'm not to sure how Jess fits in, except that it's clear that in her case, Sam is truly the link.


And yeah, I secretly crashed your internet so I could beat you to this theory. Heh, not really at all but it's fun that someone else's brain went there. I just hope they have a good explanation for Jess since she's so the thing not like the others.

Yeah, I may go ahead and post my theory as well.

I think the Jess thing is going to be explained as Winchester-specific, just like Meg.

Something along the lines of Max and Sam both escaped, and maybe a few others have to over the centuries.

And then in October of 2005 the demon comes out of its hybernation/dormant state/whatever and starts collecting again. Only THIS time, for the first time ever, there's a hunter on his/her/its tail. John Winchester.

Demon makes some inquiries around the underworld and discovers that all the Winchesters have DONE is hunt him and more than that, that Sam is one who "got away" and STILL has the power.

He/she/it is drawn to that power (and/or running from PapaWinchester) and decides to take Sam (or his power) anyway.

But it doesn't work as planned, because he/she/it'd forgotten about DEAN.

So, Demon turns to its "children" and sends them out to hunt the Hunter and HIS children.

Could work.

Oh I like this. It even explains Jess. Only a few more days until we find out what they are thinking.

You can always point people here if you want to prove your thought process.

Well, kinda the ONLY way to explain Jess is if it's specifically Winchester/Sam related.

And really, that's a good thing. I mean, we WANT our boys to be a special threat.

(Deleted comment)
I'm totally guessing - even with the theory - just trying to find something that WOULD fit.

a) The Demon killed Jess for the same reason it killed Mary and the other mothers - to access Sam and his power. (I don't know why - maybe a blood sacrefice is required or something? Possibly by the one who loves him/he loves best?)

b) The Demon killed Jess as a way of DEactivating Sam's power (and possibly gaining it for his/her/its own self?) somehow - With this idea, the mother's death solidifies the power, somehow and then this death and fire was supposed to UNdo it - but Dean interfered.

(and how DID Dean know to come back, by the way? That needs to be addressed, I think)

(Deleted comment)
I will be sure and wear small, chocolate flavored slippers tomorrow just in case!

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