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Supernatural spec

Okay I never do this, but an idea occured to me before bed last night and I wanted to have it written out somewhere so if by some teeny chance I'm right I can prove it. Yup, I'm all about the modesty today. Here goes....

What if the ceiling demon is killing mommies to recruit the kids? Like it identifies some special ability in the kids, and puts their families through the hell, so that in later years it can pick the kids up and 'adopt' them giving them crazy powers and blood phones. And every 20-ish years it refreshes the family. (Which would mean that both Meg and soap opera boy were human at some point, and have dead moms.) But it didn't work with the Winchesters - because of John turning to hunting it could never get to Sam, who is for some reason uber-important which is why Jess got killed too.

I'm not sure that's all very coherent but there it is. Also, I am spoiler free and want to stay that way. Spoil me in the comments and I cut you down. That is all.
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