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I'm here, really
I have missed so many birthdays - who knew I knew so many Taurens and Gemini folks? In any case Happy Birthday to the many of you who have celebrated in the past few weeks. 

I prepped the new show I'm currently working on, and started the fun of packing my office (gah for work related moving).

I ran Bay to Breakers for the third time! 12k (7.4 miles) in 1 hour and 44 minutes. Which is the fastest I've run it yet.

Rehearsals in New York. Five days of work, saw four shows in the evening. (Why yes, I am a freak. This was in doubt?) I saw The Drowsy Chaperone, Sweeny Todd, The History Boys, and Spamalot. My least favorite - Spamalot, it was fun and spectacle and all that, but I already knew all the punch lines. And I have a new actor-boyfriend: Michael Cervaris (he was Sweeny).  Because guh: pretty, amazing voice, musician, and commanded the stage effortlessly.

Back from NY I had two days mostly off (only had to work about 2 hours each day). Two days in a row where I didn't set an alarm! You have no idea how exciting that is.

And now I am home and in rehearsal for Vanities a world premiere musical based on the play. I think it's going to be a good show, and at least it's short (100 minutes, no intermission - woot!) I'll talk more about it someday soon.

I started my online catch up here at LJ (skip=500 people!) and am on to TWoP next where I have nearly 700 pages to read between the VM4 and SPNMM. I miss you all but am anal enough to want to read before I post. I'll catch up with everyone in real time soon.

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*hugs back* It's good to have you back!

Aw, thanks sweetie. I'm having lots of fun catching up actually. Reading two weeks of LJ in two days is kind of an adventure.

Hey sweetie! We've missed you!

I've missed all of you too! I find myself thinking, 'I so need to tell the SNSF's about this' but always when I was away from a computer. Stupid not being able to post using only the power of my mind.

HI!! Good to have you around again!

Aw, thanks for the welcome back. I feel all accomplished having caught up on LJ and so am ignoring TWoP for the night. heh.

HI!!!!!! MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!! *SMOOOOOSHES*

::smishes you right back::

And people wonder why I miss my online fandoms. Silly people.

Hey! *hugs* I was just wondering earlier today where you'd been. Hee. We missed you!

So you were the psychic nudge I felt! *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
That it was, and what a great set of adjectives to relate to my life! Thanks.

And I am loving your newer found Supernatural obsession. It's fun that I'm not the only one connected into the same two shows.

I didn't know you were coming to town! We could have had tea or coffee or vodka! Or seen shows. :(

But I'm glad you had fun!

I know. No one knew I was in town. I feel bad about that actually. I kept meaning to send out an email and I kept forgetting and then I was in New York, and yeah. But hopefully they'll send me again sometime soon.

Thanks for the happy thoughts.

Whoo for you!

I also so sig the 100 minute, no intermission shows. And because of my work, I cannot hear/see the phrase "World Premiere Musical" without laughing because of funny overpronounciation from our Artistic Director. Gotta love the ego people, right?

Yeah "World Premiere Musical" always feels like it should be bolded or spotlit or something to all the marketing folks. Really it's just more work while we rehearse a show that's not totally written yet, and there are a lot of extra folks in the room to have opinions. Ah the joy of theatre.

What is your new job, if you don't mind sharing? If you've said somewhere I missed it.

Your icon makes me think Godot. Should it?

Welcome back! You are a brave, brave soul to read 700 pages of TWoP. But if you can run 12k in a little over an hour, you can certainly do anything. ;)

Thanks! I'm intending to read 700 pages, we'll see if that actually happens. I'm excited to catch up though.

Welcome back! You were missed! Congrats on that great Bay to Breakers time!

Thanks. The female winner of BtoB finished in 39 minutes, but then again a friend of mine finsihed at 1pm (so 5ish hours). So I'm comfortably in the middle.

I love that icon.

Hey! Have fun catching up on TWoP. I actually made an appearance in the VM4. Dude you saw Sweeny Todd? That is totally one of the shows that I would want to see if I could. I hope you enjoy working on your new show! Good to have you back!

Thanks! Sweeny Todd was amazing - though if you didn't walk in knowing the story it could be a bit confusing. I loved it. Even with the guy next to me who sang along with some parts. Heh.

I've missed everyone at the VM4 - I'll be back in the swing soon.

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