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I'm here, really

I have missed so many birthdays - who knew I knew so many Taurens and Gemini folks? In any case Happy Birthday to the many of you who have celebrated in the past few weeks. 

I prepped the new show I'm currently working on, and started the fun of packing my office (gah for work related moving).

I ran Bay to Breakers for the third time! 12k (7.4 miles) in 1 hour and 44 minutes. Which is the fastest I've run it yet.

Rehearsals in New York. Five days of work, saw four shows in the evening. (Why yes, I am a freak. This was in doubt?) I saw The Drowsy Chaperone, Sweeny Todd, The History Boys, and Spamalot. My least favorite - Spamalot, it was fun and spectacle and all that, but I already knew all the punch lines. And I have a new actor-boyfriend: Michael Cervaris (he was Sweeny).  Because guh: pretty, amazing voice, musician, and commanded the stage effortlessly.

Back from NY I had two days mostly off (only had to work about 2 hours each day). Two days in a row where I didn't set an alarm! You have no idea how exciting that is.

And now I am home and in rehearsal for Vanities a world premiere musical based on the play. I think it's going to be a good show, and at least it's short (100 minutes, no intermission - woot!) I'll talk more about it someday soon.

I started my online catch up here at LJ (skip=500 people!) and am on to TWoP next where I have nearly 700 pages to read between the VM4 and SPNMM. I miss you all but am anal enough to want to read before I post. I'll catch up with everyone in real time soon.
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