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On the plus side - a good friend of mine went to hear Neil Gaiman speak last Thursday, and she managed to get a book of mine signed. (According to her the handwriting is sloppy but I have a really cool picture - I'll report when I've seen it.) Yay!

On the negative side - this show I hate so much is extending. That's right, instead of closing Nov 9 it will run until Nov 23. This being the decision made by the artistic director despite the fact that we could have put last Wed&Thurs&Fri audiences into the house all at the same time, and only needed about 10 extra seats. I don't understand these people. But I now have 25 shows left instead of just 15.

well actually 24, because I am taking the 21st off to go and see BNL even if I have to give two weeks notice and skip the whole last week to do it!

Grrrrr at stupid Brava people.
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