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hoping this is funny out of context too
jensen hee
Amusing conversation from backstage:

Some discussion was beginning that was rather gross.
E: We shouldn't talk about that while people are eating. I've eaten myself..."
At which point the green room bursts into laughter thinking of the ways this can be misconstrued.
L: Look, it's Cannibal Lesbians in Theatre!
This leads to more laughter - especially when someone points out the acryonym. Go ahead - figure it out I'll wait.
Got it?
So while we're all still laughing hysterically R at the table very quietly to herself says

R: No it's 'I've eaten' comma 'myself', not 'I've eaten myself' period.

At this point we continue to lose it, and spend the next several minutes talking all of our punctuation.

And apparently my drama is sickening rubrchick. Whatever.
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*sigh* I miss backstage at TW. There was never a shortage of wit.

We do have good times. Oh and Steven has a someone else apparently - a few of the crew have noted how much time he spends on the phone obviously flirting with someone (whether that someone is a girl or a guy is up for discussion in the green room). Anyway it would explain why he was flirty with me but not making any first moves. So that is the update on that.

awwwww. =P. maybe it is not too serious with phone person, therefore the flirties with you.

hmmm... I still think that his interest is in you. Or that he would still be willing to play with you.

But he's a dork, intimidated by a gorgeous smart ass and all. A sign that you can do better!

Punctuation is a dangerous weapon, especially in the hands of the skilled :)

It is funny out of context!

Did anyone make a "cunning linguist" joke or would that have been too obvious?

Very funny, even out of context!

Hee. Speaking punctuation is the bomb comma period.

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