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poetry Thursday
"To the tune 'Red Embroidered Shoes'"
by Huang O

If you don't know how, why pretend?
Maybe you can fool some girls,
But you can't fool Heaven.
I dreamed you'd play with the
Locust blossom under my green jacket,
Like a eunuch with a courtesan.
But lo and behold
All you can do is mumble.
You've made me all wet and slippery,
But no matter how hard you try
Nothing happens.  So stop.
Go and make somebody else

Translated by Kenneth Rexroth and Ling Chun

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Oh damn.

You're right. What a great "fuck you" poem.

I like the phrase "Like a eunuch with a courtesan."

I'm sorry if the posting of this poem was inspired by recent events.


I feel empowered reading that.

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