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I got to stop a show tonight!
For the second time in six+ years I got to stop a show tonight.  Here's how it went, straight from the report

            When the cue to open the panels was taken the two outside panels moved offstage as usual, the center ones did not (appear to) move at all.  We on headset were deciding if there was a quick solution or if we were stopping.  The ladies continued their blocking as usual, and when they ordinarily would have put books down on the bleachers which were hidden behind the panels – they went around the sides and got their pom-poms.  (Apparently as they walked upstage Megan said “pom-poms” in a quick whisper so they moved in unison around.)  They did the cheer moves on the ground.  After they hit the button pose I got on the God mic and announced to the audience that we were having some technical difficulties as the panels were supposed to be open and we needed to hold briefly to correct the situation.  The ladies left the stage, and we began the reset.  Once the computer was reset the panels were opened full wide, and the bleachers were brought downstage while the panels were set to the correct open width for the scene. (The audience applauded at seeing things move.)  Once we were technically reset – I got back on the God mic and thanked the audience for their patience, but as everyone knows restarting computers takes time.  I got a laugh.  The ladies then ran out from SR 1 in a classic cheerleader run (pom-poms at waist height, kicking legs back) and retook their button position.  The audience applauded their reappearance and Leslie shouted out the tail of the applause as usual with the next cheer.

Fun for everyone!  The stop was 9:45 long which wasn't as horrible as it could have been.  And now, there is beer.

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Three cheers for beer! I'm glad everything worked out well.

I like your icon. Sadly I have a matinee tomorrow so beer only for me tonight.
In the realm of stopages it could have been so much worse.

You know, in all the years I've been doing theatre and seeing shows, I have only had a show stopped once. It was EFX in Las Vegas, and one of the effects stalled. While they were resetting everything and fixing the problem, Michael Crawford came out and sang "Music of the Night" a capella. Totally worth the stop to me :D It was truly a one-of-a-kind evening.

Are you mad with power now? So cool.

Last time I had to stop a show it was a 22 minute ordeal. This was a much smoother event. I thought about asking Megan to come out and sing something from Wicked, but we were all hoping we wouldn't be down that long. Hearing Michael sing a capella would totally have been worth it - I agree.

The only power trip is the fact that I made the audience laugh. I was very proud of that.

(Am I supposed to know the answer to that question already? I'm suddenly worried maybe I've been told before. If I am I really am very sorry for not paying closer attention in the past.)

I'm more confused by your asking because I can't see the word "previews" in her post at all.

Previews are before the show officially opens. They're kind of like dress rehearsals with an audience, who generally pay what they can.

Dude, I know what a preview is. (But that's not entirely accurate on the paying part. I'm actually totally unfamiliar with PWYC previews, although I'm sure they exist. Tickets to previews are cheaper, sure, but not necessarily pay what you can.) The word "previews" is not in her post at all, hence my question.

I was asking if this show that had to be stopped was a preview performance. It's one thing if a show has to be stopped during a preview; preview audiences (should) know that might happen. It's way worse if a regular performance gets stopped. That's what my (now understood to be ambiguously phrased) question was about: degree of "Oh crap"ness.

I kind of giggled when I saw P-C explaining previews to you.

Sadly, no this wasn't a preview. In fact my closing performance is in a few hours, we've been running for three weeks. So it was an audience that would not have expected us to stop, but luckily they seemed game enough when it happened.

That's generous of them. We don't have generous audiences like that... at least not lately.

Heh, if I were actually God, I would want to do many more exciting things than stop a theatrical performance. Though it would be on the list. But I made an audience laugh. With my own voice even! That is priestly at least.

Making an audience laugh is pretty damn awesome, I must say.

(Deleted comment)
It's only the second time I've had to stop any show. The last one was so much worse.

Thanks for the smiles and hugs.

The last one was so much worse.

Much worse for whom though?

Though I bet this stop was done with much
quieter swearing. 0:)

Me too! I read these posts with a mixture of awe and confusion, but love the "insider backstage" feeling I get reading them. "God mic" is totally new to me, and the coolest new term I've learned lately. Now I just have to figure out how to casually drop it into a conversation!

I forget how much theatre terminology doesn't translate to the rest of the world. The God mic is a totally useful tool, but only when used for good.

My favorite God mic moment was probably on a show called Kept where the easiest restart point in the opening number was at the end of the bridge of the song, which had very suggestive lyrics. Hearing your voice say "Ladies and gentlemen, we'll take it from 'blow job', please" booming through the whole theatre is fun!

OMG now that is so cool! I would have died laughing! I almost did just now!

again... I know I'm wrong... but when I saw "panels" and "pom poms" I thought - GLEE! She killed cheerleaders!!!!
Then - sorrow... they lived...

[/channeling Wednesday Adams]

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