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(no subject)

This is either the most awful thing ever conceived, or will be a campy good time.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Evil Dead: the musical.  


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I have no joke here; I just like saying:

"Turning it into a musical was the next logical step,"

Re: I have no joke here; I just like saying:

Ha! I know!

I love the icon.

Of course it was the next logical step. It has already been a series of great movies, a few videogames, so what next? A musical.

One of my friends is in it! He says it's hilarious.

So cool! From his lips to Thespis' ears man, because I would love for this to be the next big broadway hit.

Dude, it's got Hinton Battle working on it. I am stunned by myself, but at the moment I'm leaning towards "campy good time."

I saw Hinton Battle's name and was excited by that too. It will be a fine line between good and horrifyin but I'm hoping it's fabulous and successful. If only because of the marketing that will be up all over NYC.

I...what won't they make into a musical these days?

"Turning it into a musical was the next logical step..."

His logic does not resemble our Earth logic.

That's awesome. I'd go see that, and I'm not that fond of musicals.

Damn it, didn't realise I wasn't logged in.

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