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(no subject)
So the show is closed. I was having massive issues with one of my crew members so I'm rather glad to have it over so I don't have to deal with that anymore. But I will miss the show itself. It was a good thing to have been a part of. However, I foolishly agreed to help with tech of the next show (Dessa Rose) and so am on my third of three days off before I go back to the theatre for most of the weekend. At least there will be cute boys there.

I have the consultation appointment for my tattoo this afternoon. Providing that I actually like this artist - this is happening. I am excited and rather scared about the whole thing. I always feel not cool enough to actually be doing this. And I don't have much visual material to bring him, just a lot of words I'm hoping he can translate.

I ran ten miles yesterday. Sadly, it didn't go nearly as well as the ten miles of two weeks ago. My training has been generally off for the last week or so, I've been putting the miles in but not going very quickly at all. My dreams of a sub 2:40 half are fading, really I just want to go faster than last year.

I am not watching the Veronica Mars premiere online. I'm not, I'm not. I want to watch it on a big tv with a room full of people and be surprised. So there.

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You should vote for pizza.

And...not plot schemes of evil.

Unless it's sexy evil.

I'm not watching early either, and I might get to meet you next week. YAY!

Oooh are you coming? That would rock! And it's good to know someone else there won't have already seen it.

Glad the show went well, but I understand the sense of something missing. Yay, tattoo! And the training is...wow.

I keep missing you on IM. Will have to catch up soon.

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