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hello (from) Wisconsin

Yes, I am home for ten days. That means I'm at our town library on one of the public computers to talk to y'all. And this is my only internet source until I'm back in CA. So I'll not be around much for the next little while.

I went running this am on Mom's three mile loop (I did two). And wow, running down Main St at 11am is kind of weird. I miss my trail where everyone is exercising. And where there aren't semis.

I did not see Supernatural last night. Mom watches Grey's Anatomy so I saw that with her instead. Likely that will happen next week as well, so know that I am not ignoring all of your wonderful recaps and speculation about SPN, I just don't want to spoil myself entirely until I have a chance to actually see the show.

Tomorrow is the dingleball tournament / pot luck memorial gathering for Erin. I'm excited to see relatives and friends, and hoping I'll hold it together all day. Having missed Erin's actual memorial service I may end up weepy.

I decided to start re-reading my Trixie Belden books while I'm home, I forgot how much fun they are.

Okay I'm almost out of time at the computer, and by now my parents are probably at home and wondering where I am.
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