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I run because the beer tastes so much better after the finish

So I ran my second ever half-marathon today. (Yes that is 13.1 miles). I finished in 2:41:35. It's a new PR, I finished 11:40 faster than I did last time. I averaged out at almost exactly 12:30 a mile which was my goal time! Squee!!!!!!!

Of course now my left knee hurts, as does my right hip. So once I'm sitting down for more than a half-hour when I move again I look like an 80 year old woman hobbling around. But that comes with the territory.

So things that went well. I layered tops so I had my sleeveless jersey on underneath long sleeves and that helped me not freeze through the first several miles. And the glove liners were quite possibly the best idea of ever. I also got to the start line later than I usually do, which led to less standing around and getting cold generally. But 20 minutes was cutting it a little too close, a half hour would be better. I took my gu at 5 and 9.5 miles which worked perfectly. Things that didn't go so well. My damn hip. I don't know what's up; it started to get a little sore around mile three and at ten it just hurt through the end. But after I had stretched out for a little bit it has been fine for the rest of the day. It doesn't make any sense - usually if you pull or strain something it stays hurting. I mean I'm grateful it goes away, but it's weird.

In general it was a gorgeous day for a run. It was overcast until around mile 8 (sorry I have no idea of the clock time) and I had taken the long sleeves off at 6.5. I went out too fast, but stopped to stretch at the one mile point and was better from there on out.

Mile 11 was once again entirely an act of will to stay on pace. And that .1 mile at the end is the most hateful thing ever! Seriously, I'm watching my time and pacing myself by miles and then you pass the 13 mile marker and have to keep going. I am fairly certain that the 13 mile marker is the most hated inanimate object in my world right now.

I should be doing a general update too somepoint soon. But right now I ran 13.1 miles for the second time in my life ever. Woot!

ETA: the subject line is from my favorite t-shirt seen today
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