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Alright here's the deal - are you watching Friday Night Lights? This week's episode made me laugh, cry, gasp, whimper, and stand up and cheer. It is the best new show on television this season, and quite possibly the best show period. Now look, I know that just because a show is well written, incredibly acted, and beautifully shot does not mean that the subject matter is for you. But have you tried it? Yes it's football in small town Texas, but it's about everything. The teenagers talk like teenagers, not overly self aware 20 somethings. The coach's marriage is between two equals who obviously love each other despite being frustrated sometimes. And the boys are hot. (What, I still play in the shallow end of the pool too.) So here's the deal, you need to give it a try. No really. I'm betting you'll fall in love.


I've been having one of those weeks where the world fills in. You know, instead of 'here be monsters' there's actually a map? Downtown San Jose is suddenly a whole place, and my tattoo studio is only a few blocks from the Rep theatre. I have a better sense of El Camino all the way from downtown Mountain View to the Lawrence Expressway. I feel very smart.


I am now less hobbly after the race. My right knee still catches every once in a while, but chiro last night certainly helped. I went for a 30 minute walk today, and it felt good. Yay!


I did not wear a costume yesterday. Partially I realized that no one in the office would be dressed up (hell Halloween never got mentioned at all) and I didn't feel like being that different, and partially I realized that getting into costume would have required me to get up earlier. Sorry to have disappointed anyone.

In general the new temp gig is okay - but not my favorite thing. 8am has gotten easier, but at the end of the day stage managing someone's life just isn't as rewarding as stage managing a show. It pays better, but no one applauds.


I am bad at birthdays. So many people on my flist have October birthdays and here's what happens in my world. I see entries where others have remembered to wish you a happy birthday and I think 'oh it's < your name here >'s birthday? That is so cool - I hope they have a fabulous day.' And you stay in my thoughts all day, but I don't ever type anything. Just FYI.


Um, I'm sure there were other things I was going to talk about, but that's all that's coming out of my brain right now. Oh, and I totally haven't started nanowrimo at all. Instead I'm updating here. I wonder if there's a way to make this part of the story?
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