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I am trying to sell my old car. It's an 88 Mazda, obviously not everyone's first choice, but it runs and passes smog so you'd think it wouldn't be this difficult. Many people have called interested, no one has actually shown up to look at it.

Today for example two people called, who made specific appointments to come see the car. At 12:30 and 1:00 pm. Right now, it's 1:45. Okay you change your mind, see something else, whatever, but a small supply of humanity says you call when you break an appointment. Even if it's to see a used car. I'm giving it to 2:00pm and them I'm calling both of them back to check in and see when they're going to get here - while subtly implying that they are BAD people for doing this to me. Sigh. I'm seriously considering just donating my car for a tax write off. Not as good as cash in hand obviously, but likely to be way less painful and time consuming. And given that in my need to sell mode the price is dropping, probably not that great a difference.

But in the plus column - yesterday was an entire day with no communication (not email, not a page, not a call) from Dan-director, Joan-playwright or Crazy-Ellen. Maybe they're final going to leave us alone and let us just run this show.
22 more left.
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