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football and holidays
My favorite commercial of ever:

There is an attractive man, in an Ohio State t-shirt, making out with an equally attractive woman, in a Michagan t-shirt. They're being all cute and shmoopy and adorable. And then a text graphic appears: "Without football, this wouldn't be disgusting." HA!

Michigan played an incredible game, I'm bummed they lost. But what a fabulous afternoon of football. Oh, and not that this is quite the same news, but WI won today to go 11-1. Woot! Number three in the Big Ten behind the top two teams in the nation? I'll take that.

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Hee, I've seen that commercial! It's great.

We watched the Notre Dame game and instead of saying, "Go Irish!", my 3 year old said, "Go Amish!"
We could not stop laughing.

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