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Kripke owns my soul
winchesters b&w
OMG Supernatural has killed me dead. I could talk passionately and logically about this episode that had my gasping and at the edge of my seat for an hour but really all I can manage right now is along the lines of 'alsdkfj. naopeirhna lksjfno9'. So yeah. I am so in love with our boys.

Speaking of Supernatural (so awesome!) I don't think everyone on my list has discovered Plastic!Winchester Theatre yet. Created by Ms. anteka it is one of my favorite things in this fandom. Episode 2.01 is up at spn_plastic and is one of the funniest things I've seen in recent memory. Scroll down a bit to find the entry, it's worth it.
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It was so VERY awesomeness.

And, reading my flist posts I realized that this epi was so chock full o'goodness, that I had FORGOTTEN half the things from the first part, and I STILL loved it that much.

I even ventured into the TWoP episode thread (which I do NOT do anymore) because my flist wasn't posting anything else and I was too hyped up to be coherent, or communicate in anything other than KEYBOARD SMASH! and I wanted to share the squee - but they were all being critical and knit-picky and saying it was boring and dirivitive and so I left.

Who needs them? Or reality? I loved it, and I plan to keep right on loving it and hyperventilating and being all *flail* and *dead* - So there!

Also, have you seen Why Supernatural Rocks! A Stickfigure Manifesto? Immensely funny. (Papa Winchester is played by a cellphone.)

Also, the origin of the icons that read "Sam's Big Ball of Angst" and "My Fandom has Stickfigure Porn" You should check it out.


Thank you! I know there were people who weren't very happy about the episode for some reason but to hell with them. The show just made me want to dance and squee and hug cute boys.

I will totally check out the stickfigure site. Seriously, this fandom is so crazy fun.

don't give anything away! I only started to watch this show.

I won't. But it's pretty boys and really good. I'm glad you're watching!

We, of course, had a show Thursday night and so SUPERNATURAL is sitting there taunting me, just waiting until I have enough time to sit down and watch. Maybe tomorrow...

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