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I have had a very quiet weekend. Not particularly productive but very relaxing, and I spent a lot of time in front of the tv. Yay to the Packers winning (and Favre looked good)!

Yesterday night I went to a holiday gathering with a group of friends - we all met through theatre several years ago when I was still crewing and have stayed close ever since. We had a lot of fun and really yummy food. This year instead of exchanging gifts we all put $25 and the name of a charity in a bowl and pulled one out. Not only was it less expensive and time consuming than buying gifts for everyone, but just cool to realize that a sizeable check will be written to the second harvest food bank.

I'm still working my way through writing cards, but in the meantime I thought I'd hang a stocking here to increase the holiday mood. First seen in anteka's journal.
Xmas Stocking
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Aw, the charity thing is great.

And I hope you get Laura's gift!

Oh, I totally didn't get that the whole point is for people to keep adding things to the stocking! Cool! This is way better than those stupid quiz results or "I went trick-or-treating with my flist" things.

I know - this is one of my favorite meme-type things to pass my way in a while. And I want everything in my stocking that nice people have given me.

I got your card, it's awesome! Love the red glitter on the dress! Thanks!

I'm glad you got it, glitter is always fun. And I love the hats on the boys in your icon! Whee, holidays can be fun.

W00T for FAVRE!! FOUR MORE YEARS!! FOUR MORE YEARS!! I mean...hi, I got your card, it's really cute!! :)

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