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This is new / movies
After reading other folks this morning talking about the new format for posting I decided to see what all the fuss was about. The new set up will take some getting used to but I don't hate it. At least not yet.

Instead lets talk about the Golden Globe noms. Many of you may already know I'm kind of a freak about nomination lists like this (particularly for the Oscar's), I tend to look at them as a to do list of movies to see. Except three of the 'best' movies nominated are ones I made a conscious decision not to go to. So now what do I do?

I'm sure that Borat, Babel, and Bobby all have things going for them but none of them seemed that exciting to me. (Maybe I have a block against one word, two syllable titles that start with B.) But if I'm aiming for Oscar completion again this year, than the Golden Globes are usually a good guide to what I need to see. So dear flist, are any of these movies worth my time and $10? Argue for your favorite in the comments.

FWIW, I've already seen six of the 'best' movies nominated and am just waiting for Dreamgirls to go into wide release. And WTF Apocalypto is a foreign language film? I mean it is, I guess, but Hollywood Foreign Press, wouldn't you maybe want to include a few more non-US flicks?

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I do the same thing with nominations lists. I'm currently working my way thorough the Independent Spirit Awards nomination list. I'm thinking the GG nominees are going to be a bit easier to find!

Sadly, I've only seen two of the best picture nominees - "The Departed" and "Little Miss Sunshine" (which, YAY!!). I do intend to see "Babel" and "Bobby," but there is no way in hell I'm going to see "Borat." Just no way.

See, now I had to look up the Independent Spirit Awards and have a whole new list of movies to see. Whee! And yeah, the GG movies certainly will be easier to find, I haven't even heard of some of the ISA ones.

Both of the nominees you've seen are really good. I think of the rest of the nominees I would recommend Little Children next. And I agree, Borat just doesn't interest me. At all.

I haven't seen the list, but please tell me you were joking when you mentioned Borat. I don't understand the popularity of his work. It's a gag that I was tired of after the first two episodes of his show. What am I missing?

Sadly I'm not. Borat the movie was nominated for best comedy or musical, and he is nominated for best actor. I've never seen the show, and only know what I've picked up in the popular press about the movie but I don't get it. I'm sure some parts are funny, but overall it's not anything I want to spend money on.

I saw Borat and I mean, it was good for a laugh, but I can't believe it got nominated for anything. Weird.

I heard Bobby was good, but I have no desire to see it.

If a group of friends had gone to Borat I would have joined in, I'm not horrifyingly opposed to it, just disinterested.

And your description of Bobby exactly matches my feelings about Babel. Though now that it's gotten the most GG nominations of any film I'll try to catch a matinee just for completness.

Yeah, I'll probably try to see Babel, too. The story doesn't really appeal to me, but Cate Blanchett is one of my favourite actors, so there's that.

I don't think anything could get me to see Bobby because I really don't care about political films.

Bobby looks less political, more day in the life snapshot to me. Then again, given the subject matter I'm sure there are politics all over it even if that isn't what it is 'about'.

I like all the actors I know in Babel. It just seems like too much story.

I've heard good things about The Departed, so I want to see that. And I still haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine. I don't even know what Volver is about, but I'm generally an Almodovar fan, so.

Heh - I love that at the top of my list the only two movies Jersey has seen are two that you haven't. But both The Departed and LMS are very good in completely different ways and well worth your hard earned dollar.

I'm waiting for Volver to be playing somewhere in the bay area rather than the one theatre in SF that's had it for two weeks. I mean I want to see it, but not drive an hour want to see it. You know?

Yeah, what's up with the new format? Is it even that different?

It's really not. But if you're working on autopilot habit could cause you to enter moods where you mean to tag or some such. And for some that is disaster.

BTW I didn't even notice until you pointed it out that Andre Braugher had been nominated for a GG. That makes me irrationally happy.

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