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Stolen from maxymama

Post a Five Things that Make You Happy list in YOUR LJ today. Encourage the people reading to post one in THEIR LJ. Let's get the karma flowing in the correct direction today, right off the bat.

1.  My show has closed!  (It was really good, but time for it to be done.)

2.  That the new boy in my world and I agreed to ignore Valentine's Day completely.

3.  Rain!

4.  The new tv stand from Ikea that I put together all by myself.

5.  Color-by-number pictures from my niece.
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(Deleted comment)
Thanks. Things with the new boy are going really well (I actually keep meaning to do a longer update post about him - hopefully soon). We are having more conversations now, and have been together in a public place, and he makes me laugh. I'm in that exciting and scary place of something new where I know I like him a lot and all signs are that he likes me a lot and I want to know everything I can about him. So yeah, things are going well and I am really happy.

(Deleted comment)
I'm bad at Valentine's Day. Usually I'm one of those bitter "it's all commercial anyway, what's the point" kind of peoople. Of course right now I'm all squeeful, but still a little shy of that around him.

So I brought up VDay to him, because I wanted to make sure we were on the same page with matching expectations. I was thinking "spend the night together in at his place or mine and maybe small gifts" at most, to nothing at all. When we talked about it he said he would be in favor of ignoring completely, and since that's my usual stance we went with it.

We may actually now be going out to the opera his roommate light designed that night which would be fun and still low-key.

I consider the rain a happy thing, too! I mean, I don't always enjoy those endless rainy days, but we so need rain.

I'm glad things are going well with the boy!

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