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I have a few random questions to send out to my flist, because I'm thinking someone out there will know things I don't.  

1)  Is there a way to track how many times you've used one of your icons?
I've found some new icons I really want to rotate in, and I'm so far refusing to up to 100 icons because that seems like overkill.  But I want to pull icons I haven't used as much and I'm wondering if there's a way to track that.

2)  Speaking of icons I need a really great running icon.  Any suggestions or places to look?

3)  Does anyone have experience with tanning beds?  I have horrid tan lines from my running, and I don't particularly want to get any darker than I already am (on my arms and legs that see sun when I run) but would like the difference between the tan and not tan areas of my body to be less extreme.  Especially with swimsuit season coming up, cause hoo-boy my tan lines are in the wrong places for that.  Would getting into a tanning bed with super high SPF or actual clothes on the areas I don't want to tan help me at all?  Do I run any risk of burning the currently white areas?  Or should I just get over the vanity of this and be glad I'm fit enough to move around outside.

4)  I also need new shorts for everyday.  Ideally they should be modest enough that I can wear them to my oh-so-casual workplaces, but still cute.  Please recommend your favorite pair.

5)  Anything else I don't know that you're certain I should?  Feel free to comment with those items as well.  Heh.

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