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I have a few random questions to send out to my flist, because I'm thinking someone out there will know things I don't.  

1)  Is there a way to track how many times you've used one of your icons?
I've found some new icons I really want to rotate in, and I'm so far refusing to up to 100 icons because that seems like overkill.  But I want to pull icons I haven't used as much and I'm wondering if there's a way to track that.

2)  Speaking of icons I need a really great running icon.  Any suggestions or places to look?

3)  Does anyone have experience with tanning beds?  I have horrid tan lines from my running, and I don't particularly want to get any darker than I already am (on my arms and legs that see sun when I run) but would like the difference between the tan and not tan areas of my body to be less extreme.  Especially with swimsuit season coming up, cause hoo-boy my tan lines are in the wrong places for that.  Would getting into a tanning bed with super high SPF or actual clothes on the areas I don't want to tan help me at all?  Do I run any risk of burning the currently white areas?  Or should I just get over the vanity of this and be glad I'm fit enough to move around outside.

4)  I also need new shorts for everyday.  Ideally they should be modest enough that I can wear them to my oh-so-casual workplaces, but still cute.  Please recommend your favorite pair.

5)  Anything else I don't know that you're certain I should?  Feel free to comment with those items as well.  Heh.

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You need new running shorts?

Well I probably do need new running shorts soon, but what I meant was that I need everyday summer shorts, ideally cute enough to wear to a casual workplace. But rereading I totally see how you thought that so I will now explain myself more clearly. heh.

I see your Matt icon and raise you another.

Hee, ok. I have no regular shorts recs for you, then, Sorry. I don't wear shorts often that aren't workout ones. ;) Have you tried The Limited or Express or similar?

Unforunately, this is the only Matt icon I have so far.

For shorts, I usually go to Target. I like longer shorts, and they usually have a good selection of capris and longer lengths. Also, they have a surprisingly well stocked "business casual" section. Last year I bought a pair of pinstripe capris that I just adore.

I never think of Target for clothes. Not sure why since I go there for many other things. I'll have to wander through the clothing next time I'm there and see what I can find.

2) Gettyimages.com or a Google image search (I'd try Getty first...from their front page, click on "Creative" and do a search from there for whatever you're looking for)

4) Target or Old Navy.

Word on the getty images....they have watermarks on most of their stuff but there are ways to get around that, esp for icon size

You're also both assuming I can make my own icons - which I've never done before. Though I have a few weeks off here and that could be a fun learning project.

my crap-ass icon making system involves the apple screen shot software and microsoft word.

that's how I made this hot-ironic icon of ronan o'gara. yum.

I am extremely anti-tanning bed, so I just have to encourage you not to do that! They are SO bad for your body and your skin. Just don't do it!

That being said, I'm having the same problem. My arms are okay, because I wear tank tops when I'm running, but my chest, back, and legs are all funky already. At this point, I'm wearing 30 sunblock every time I go out so that I don't get any darker (not that I'm dark now... I'm pretty much the whitest person on earth, so any color at all makes a big difference!). I'm thinking about trying one of those gradual self tanners on just the white parts of my upper legs.

I've never liked the idea of tanning beds - but my legs. (I wore longer running shorts last year so the tan line is midway on my thigh.) I also was wearing a sleeveless top last year so I'm not farmer tanned, but the lines still don't match most of my clothes.

I've been being super good about wearing SPF everytime I go out this year - the new tattoo helps with that cause I want to take care of it. Maybe I should look into the self tanners too, I'm a little worried about the upkeep on that. Then again, the extra time is probably worth staying out of the tanning bed.

1. I would like to know how to do that, if you figure it out. Also, I want to track mood uses. Then I can figure out which ones I need to make first for my mood theme.

3. You can burn the superwhite areas. Start at low amounts of time.

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