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Bay to Breakers!

So yesterday it was time for the annual craziness that is Bay to Breakers, a 12k (7.4 mile) run across San Francisco.  For the first time ever they were chip timing us (ie. I had a little thing attached to my shoe laces that recorded when I crossed the start line and when I crossed the finish line so they have a record of how long I actually ran).  My personal goal was to beat 1:40.  I've run it three times before and always bounced between 1:40 and 1:45.

My finish time?  1:31:48!  Woot!  My clock time? 1:49:43.

Why almost a 17 minute difference?  Well I was still in line for the port-a-john when the start gun fired and there's only so much point in hustling to start in a race where people are still crossing the starting line when the top runner finishes (35 minutes - at which point I was at the two mile mark staring up at Hayes hill).  Heh.  I actually think starting later may have helped me out, surrounded by mostly walkers there was no way for me to go out too fast.

I had a lot of fun, got mildly sunburned, and am not really sore at all today (my right knee isn't fond of stairs), so I consider this a success.

What did you do on Sunday?

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On Sunday, I ran ten miles (I don't think people understand that "ran" is shorthand for "alternated between running and walking but ran more than I walked" so it's not as impressive it sounds), vacuumed my apartment, and watched Entourage and Weeds with upanashad.

I am not all that sore either.

Moving for ten miles is impressive - no matter how much walking is involved. Other than the first block I walked Hayes hill, but yeah, overall I was running so that is the word I use too. But don't sell yourself short.

Yay for lack of soreness!

Dude- Highly impressive! Congrats- that is really, really awesome.

Wow. I feel like a big slack jaw- I only walked three miles and did a Firm workout! And then watched some TV...

Yay, you!

But still you walked three miles and did a workout. My boyfriend didn't wake up until two hours after I had finished. Heh.

And thanks - it's always nice when a goal is not only beaten, but beaten soundly.

That is awesome! I've been walking a lot lately, almost every day, and I kind of wonder how far my walk is in miles. It takes me about 50 minutes but I walk really slowly, so it's hard to tell. I love walking, though, and I'm so lucky to live in a gorgeous area where any direction I walk is beautiful.

Thanks! Slow walks when you're not worried about any goals but just enjoying being outside are wonderful. I need to do more of those too.

That's awesome! I still haven't tried to run. I'll stick to martial arts and carrying heavy (45 lb. & 55 lb.) children around the house. Hee.

Actually, Saturday I went rollerskating for 2.5 hours. I hadn't skated since I was in middle school, but it all came back to me. I even skated around backwards! (Only fell twice.)

I could never figure out skating backwards. That sounds like fun.

Your martial arts sound kick ass though. My abs are still totally in hiding, so the fact that yours are peeking out rocks!

I sat on my ass while you were being awesome.

Ah but you've been a really cool lawyer on days I've sat on my ass doing mindless data entry. So there's a balance.

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