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I spent two more hours under the needle and all of the black work is done.  Still to come color and outline touch-up, so at least one more appointment, possibly two.  

I need to convince a friend with a digital camera to take pictures so I can post them, but in the meantime enjoy this website.


I have no idea if her book is any good or not, but after paging through her site I want to buy it just because.

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That site is awesome. I'm totally with you on wanting the book now.


But the website is cool.

I wish I could write well. I write fine, but real writers move people, and that's cool.

I love that website too. She did a reading in SF a few weeks ago, and I considered going, but then I didn't. I want to read her book! She was compared to Lorrie Moore!

Unrelatedly: do you want to go to BFD on Saturday? It's an all-day concert at the Shoreline. Someone just offered me a free ticket, but going not alone would be more fun. Silversun Pickups will be there!

Darn and double darn. I already have plans for Saturday. So sorry. Perhaps you can find someone else to accompany you, or go alone and pick up some hot chicks while you're there. I hope you have a great time in any case.

Triple darn!

I guess I'll have to go pick up some hot chicks.

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