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Who knew?

I was starting the online application process for unemployment today and it seems you can't apply for unemployment until you are actually unemployed.  This does make a certain amount of sense, but abuses my orderly world of planning.  I know I'm going to be unemployed on Monday, why can't I tell you that now?  <sigh>

I'm about to start working on making the digital camera talk to my computer so hopefully there will be tattoo pics forthcoming.  One question though, for all of you cool kids who've been adding photos to your posts forever - where do you host them?  I know of nothing except putting shots in my LJ photos section and then sending people there but obviously there are better ways.  Should I get a photobucket account, or something else?  Any recommendation or advice is appreciated as I trek into the wilds of, like, 1998 internet abilities.  Heh.

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