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Well, I haven't figured out anything fancier yet, but here's the LJ gallery with the next wave of tattoo photos.  Click on any of the thumbnails to see the whole picture.  http://pics.livejournal.com/beeker121/gallery/00003540

It's weird to think that my leg will only look like this for about five more days.


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Wow. That's so cool. It looks like you're being engulfed by that stuff from The Matrix.

Ooh, I like that image. Now if only I can get the cool vinyl/leather outfit..

That's awesome! I like how clear and bold it is. I'm cringing from imaginary pain just looking at it. Did it hurt?

Thanks - I am so happy with it. Yes it hurts. Some parts worse than others, the parts around my ankles are a bitch as well as on the bone at the outside of my leg. But generally as he works in an area for a bit the nerves start to deaden out a bit so it becomes less sharp pain and more general. Then he hits a new area and it starts all over. Heh.

I'm in awe. WOW! That looks fucking amazing Rebecca.
So, how addicted are you now? Have you started getting
that overwhelming desire for more and more tattoos?

It really does look quite beautiful. Most definitely worth
the oh so long wait.

Thanks! I am totally happy with it, and curious to see what it looks like next. Oddly I'm not overly addicted at the moment, having gotten the first one so right I might be okay just standing here. But we'll see.

I forget-- Where did you get this done? It's beautiful.

New Skool tattoo in San Jose - by Ron Earhardt. I've heard some iffy things about some of the other artists there, buy my room of guys is great.

Oh, wow- that is amazing! How high up does it go? (Although I am a big baby- I don't even have my ears pierced, so I can't imagine a tattoo!) Very cool!

It's about 8" tall from the bend of my ankle, so it covers the bottom half of my shin. Thanks!

That's really cool. Are you getting any color added to it? Did you design it or see it somewhere?

Yeah color gets added on Wednesday - the plan is mostly blues and purples so it looks almost metallic, and not overly bright. The artist designed it on my leg, I brought him visual research I had done (art deco line work, medieval sword guards, the elven crowns from Lord of the Rings) and he spent two hours drawing on me. I'll get pictures of what it looks like after Wednesday up here faster.

Wow, it's stunning with the blacks. Gonna be gorgeous when you add the color.

hey you! gabe started school today which means i have time to do things like look at email, do housework, catch up on shirt orders, eat bon-bons (not!)... the tat is amazing! i love it! i really want a new one but i'm so indecisive. that's why i stick to henna tattoos most of the time. i should post my henna work somewhere...

anyway, can't wait to see it done. hope you're loving life!

hugs from the land of 200% humidity and 104 degrees in the shade,

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