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Just kidding!

I did go in for more tattoo work yesterday but we didn't do the color.  Instead he did the outline work he's been wanting to do, going back over all the lines carefully and making them thicker and darker.  The whole thing stands out more now, and looks more three dimensional.  I knew he didn't want to do it before the black shading, since some of the black  shaded areas didn't need the outline touched up at all.  

I do think outline hurts more than shading when it's being done and for about 24 hours afterward, but it heals quicker and easier once the first shock of it is over.  Once it gets past the red stage I'll take more photos so you can compare and contrast with the last set.

My final appointment is November 6th, which is perfect.  My half marathon is Nov 4th so this way I can do all of my training and race, and then take time off to recover from the race and the tattoo.  It's nice to have a date when it'll be finished set.

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