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I finally took the time to sit down and really look at the new fall TV season.  I have two new shows I'm definitely adding to my TiVo, and a list of maybes.  It's odd to have so few things feel like "must see", because the last few years I've had tons of shows I wanted to add.  

The definites?  Reaper, and Aliens in America (I know, but it looks cute.)

The maybes?  Here's a list, vote for the one you think I should not miss.   Add shows I might have missed in the comments, or further stump for your favorite.

Poll #1056374 fall tv

What new TV show should I be sure not to miss this fall?

Viva Laughlin
Gossip Girl
Bionic Woman
Dirty Sexy Money
Pushing Daisies
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I liked Reaper, but Pushing Daisies is the show not to be missed. If you can handle another, Chuck is popular on my flist.

(Deleted comment)
Nope, I'm waiting till it premieres.

I keep hearing mixed things about Pushing Daisies, people seem to love or hate it. But if you are in favor of it as well, I'll have to give it a try.

(Deleted comment)
You've seen Chuck? I liked the idea of it a lot, but hadn't heard any word of mouth at all. I can use a few brain off but fun shows.

(Deleted comment)
This is a description of a great show for me. It has been added to the TiVo, thanks for the suggestion.

deffinately have to say that Private Practice should prove to be quite good. the Pilot sure was.

But I've stopped watching Grey's Anatomy, because it became a swamp of bad relationships that I no longer cared about. So while I like the cast of Private Practice I'm not sure I trust Shonda anymore.

But they have pulled back a bit from the bad relationships, and aside from no realistic basis of time (Shonda admits this big time in her blog) Greys has gotten way better in the past couple months.

Maybe. I still have the last three episodes of GA from last season on my tivo, but as the season was ending in the spring I was choosing to watch reruns of Iron Chef America rather than GA. That's kind of a kiss of death.

ouch. yeah that's quite the kiss of death

Your poll is too repressive! I picked Pushing Daisies, but if I could pick two I would also pick Chuck. I've seen the pilots for both, and they're both completely awesome in different ways. If you saw Wonderfalls at all, Pushing Daisies is by the same guy and the brother from Wonderfalls is the lead in PD, and the show has a similar quirky vibe to it. Chuck is hilarious and it has a character who is only referred to as Captain Awesome. I laughed out loud watching it and the lead is suuuuuuper adorable.

For the record, I also saw the pilot of Bionic Woman, and I found it watchable, but it was mostly setup and I'm not sure I'm sold on it yet. Katee Sackoff was great, but she's not the star of the show.

Damn - I always confuse the radio buttons and the ticky boxes. I watched Wonderfalls for the first time earlier this summer and did enjoy it, so that is a recommendation for PD. Generally PD and Chuck seem to be people's favorites so I've got them both on the TiVo.

I've been hearing meh things about Bionic Woman, but it's David Eick so I'm curious to see what he does. Besides, I remember watching the original as a kid.

It seems to me like the series of Bionic Woman could very well be better than the pilot, and I just watched Michelle Ryan in Jekyll and really liked her in that, so it definitely has potential as far as I'm concerned.

Also, last night I watched the pilot of Gossip Girl and much to my dismay I found it appealing. You probably know that Kristen Bell does the voiceover, which is probably the best part of the show. But OH MAN, did I ever not want another show to add to my list! I have too much to watch already!

I've been intrigued by Gossip Girl, and am wondering if I should add the pilot just for fun. And yeah, the Kristin Bell vo is part of the reason for my interest, but I don't have anything that soapy on my viewing list so it would be a good contrast.

Really I'm hoping that at least one of these new shows I've added doesn't interest me and falls back off the list. Or that one of the shows I've been watching for a while becomes less necessary. Because I watch too much TV.

YOU watch too much TV? I watch so much TV I have to write it in my daily planner along with my work schedule just to keep track of it all. That's pretty pathetic. I just have such a hard time giving up on shows once I start watching them - half the time I'm just hoping they get cancelled so I don't have to watch them anymore! (*cough*Jericho*cough*)

But yeah, Gossip Girl is one of the only shows I'm interested in that isn't scifi/superheroes or spy/action. It might be good to keep it just for the sake of variety.

I have to write it in my daily planner

Alright you do have me beat. Though I do have a small notebook that sits on my coffee table where I keep a running list of the shows on my tivo yet to be seen. Crossing things out always makes me feel better, even if I do just write them back down again the next week. I've gotten a bit better about giving up on things that aren't entertaining me anymore (so long, Grey's Anatomy) but then I'm still watching Smallville so I obviously haven't figured that out completely yet.

Crossing things out always makes me feel better
Dude, I write things I've already done on my to-do lists just so I can cross them out and look productive.

I wish I could stop watching Grey's Anatomy because I haven't liked it in a long time, but every time I tell myself I'm giving it up, they throw in one good episode. I've gotten to the point with a couple shows where I just know I can't watch it week to week, I have to save it up and watch 4 or 5 in a row. It's amazing how much better things are that way.

I begin every to do list with "make a to do list" so I can cross it out when I finish. Heh. Crossing out things is a balm to the soul.

Grey's kept pulling me in for most of last year, but then I got really busy just as the season was ending and I had lots of finales to see. So I slowly caught up with everything. And then I realized I was choosing to watch reruns of Iron Chef America instead of the last three episodes of GA (which are still on my tivo). I took that as a sign and immediately deleted my season pass.

And marathoning does help. I kept hearing that there was a slow section of BSG season 3 but given that I watched all 20 episodes in a weekend, I never really noticed.

Well Iron Chef America is pretty awesome, but yeah... what attracted me to GA in the first place was the humor, but it's just not as funny anymore because they're all playing musical fuck buddies and crying and whining.

BSG can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned - I didn't even mind Black Market in season 2, and that's saying something. But marathoning really helped Prison Break and a couple other shows for me last season. (Plus it's easier for my schedule since I miss everything, working 2nd shift.)

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