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Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.  
1) bespectacled Rosenbaum -  this is all sadiekate's fault.  Because Michael Rosenbaum looks really good in glasses and so we want to encourage that.  (See the icon to this post.)

2)bunny-of-the-month -  For about a year I belonged to the unfortunate animal of the month club (  So I own many slightly odd animals - things like a two-headed cow, or the mole-skull headed bunny.  They are wonderfully strange and make me oddly happy.  (And now that I have a working digital camera I need to get a whole gallery up.)

3)giraffes - are the coolest animals ever.  They have two hearts!  Their tongues are purple!  They're mostly one of my two favorite colors (yellow)!  

4)healthy eating - heh.  This is probably more wishful thinking than it is an actual practice.  I am therefore interested in healthy eating, I just don't always acheive it.

5)Kane - is a band founded by Christian Kane and Steve Carlson.  They are a great mix of rock and country and are one of the few bands that I like that my Dad does too.  I found them through the Supernatural fandom (whee!) and listening to their song "house rules" always puts me in a better mood.

6)Runaways - the comic that brought me back to Marvel.  It's well written and clever, and entirely engaging.  Many thanks to cadhlaamong others for recommending it strongly enough to verge on demanding that I read it.

7)Sluggy Freelance - a great online comic with a killer bunny.  (See #2 - after meeting one of my unfortunate bunnies, Chad told me I had to read Sluggy.  He was right.)  Sadly, I am way behind these days - I have several months to catch up on at least.

Work stuff - we have our first official preview tonight.  The show is still long, and I think we're going to have someone on book in the house again tonight.  The director has decided to be really detail oriented now, which is driving the actress a bit nuts since he didn't do this so much in the first three weeks.
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