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Ohmigod SQUEEEE!
I ran my third half-marathon today.  That's 13.1 miles.

At a later time (probably tomorrow) there will be a post filled with race day details like what I wore, what and when I ate, etc; mostly so I can track it for myself going forward.  But here's what has me all squeeful.

Last year I finished this race in 2:42:15.

This year I finished in 2:23:10!!!!!  (And there really need to be capslocks for numbers.)  That's right - 18 minutes faster!  I attribute this to my training being better, my day before being better planned, and having lost 10+ pounds but still, I was aiming to beat 2:30.

2:23:10.  Today, I kind of rock.
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Today, I kind of rock.

Hell YES you do! GO BEEKER! *cheers*

Congrats, hon! You're awesome!

Today, I kind of rock.
Uh, no you TOTALLY ROCK. That is awesome, well done!

Congratulations!! I totally made a mental note to wish you good luck before this morning, and then I forgot. Sorry!

Hey you've had shoulders and things to think about. Maybe we can do SF together next year.

Maybe! I'm not sure if my knees can handle it again. Although I would like to do the second half, having done the first half already.

And, anyway, you'd leave me in the dust! We wouldn't be together very long.


Wow! That's wonderful! Gah, I feel tired just THINKING about driving 13 miles. Your running amazes me. I don't know if I'll ever start.

Don't you love it when you beat your most ambitious goal? Of course, then it becomes time to set a new one...

And I find it's a heck of a lot easier to run when I don't weigh as much. Not that I'm aiming for the weight loss, but it does make me feel better.

I was aiming for at least part of the weight loss, but it didn't occur to me that it would make me faster. It was a great side effect.

Now to go even faster next time.

You don't kind of rock...YOU TOTALLY ROCK! That's awesome! Great job!

You DO rock! And not kinda, either. You rock completely!

Congratulations!! That's great!

Wow, twenty minutes!! That's amazing. Congratulations!

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