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want some mail?
So I need to play catch up sometime soon.  I have stories to tell about being back at Klutz, and going with J to his dad's for Thanksgiving.  But having just returned from Santa Barbara I leave again Wednesday morning for WI, so I'm short on time.

While in WI I plan to write out my holiday cards.  So if you'd like to receive a card from me please leave your address in the comments below.  They are screened for your privacy.  Mail is the most fun thing ever.

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OBTW, Alex and I might be in Mountain View the week of 3/17-22. Is there a poker night we can donate to join? Will TW -- or anything else you're excited about -- be in production?

Ages later, I'm back in rehearsal and so have things at my fingertips again. A regular poker night has fallen apart, but you can lean on Wil to try and come up with something since he's our standard host. I will be in rehearsal (different show than now) while you're here, though TW will have a show in production called "Southern Comforts". It's a two person show about rediscovering love after retirement.

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